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This tree arrived and as we were putting it up I kept smelling a moldy -musty smell! After 3 1/2 hours of two adults putting it up and fluffing , I was certain it had been stored in a Damp Warehouse by Balsam Hill.

The 2 shipping boxes arrived were filthy w dust. Also after hours of fluffing the tree is skimpy at the center Post no matter how much you fluff. This center Post is really visible and looks cheap. You can see holes all through the top of it, very poor quality.

It was 1600.00 and I promise you it looks like Home Depot which is fine if it were 500.00. It stinks every time you walk by like a mildewed basement and when I called Customer Service, they said to air it outside for a few days so I said it's 11" tall! So I gave it a week and it still smells strongly . I asked if I could jus place a new separate order for a new tree a Vermont spruce (supposedly fuller) for 2,000.00 and pay for it in full.

As a new order it would ship right away within 3 days. Then they could mail me separate return labels and I could take this down and return the moldy tree for a credit, well no. In order for them to cover return shipping -you can't get shipping label unless it is an exchange. That means I would be getting the new tree after they mail me a shipping label, I then mail back the old tree and they process my return, then they will ship out the exchanged tree.

Ugh. It is Nov. 24, now I am sure it would take 3-4 weeks for this process. I just wanted to order and pay for a second tree period.

Then just return this moldy one and they could refund it. Really helpful right? So, I am returning this mildew infused tree with a whole upper section of lights out. I am going to buy a tree tomorrow from Hobby Lobby or a real one.

Buyer beware.Do Not Buy Anything you cannot see. Or this difficult to return in the event of a defect. Their ads are really misleading marketing in my opinion. They were not helpful and sent me a defective product, offered No Supoort at all.

Not even to fix the lights! Customer Service is an oxymoron at BH - they have nice young people who are instructed Not To Help you Solve a Problem.

Just like Cable Companies. i am so bummed.

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Irving, Texas, United States #1250479

I bought a tree from HD 2 years ago for $80 and it still looks great. I have never heard of $1600 xmas tree.

That is completely ridiculous. Obviously, you made sure that someone else will have a great christmas with your $1600. Did you ever think that the more you allow yourself to be ripped off, the more people will try to rip you off?

I mean, REALLY, $1600 for a tree that you use once a year? Who are you trying to impress?

Hixson, Tennessee, United States #1245847

The Hobby Lobby tree I replaced with a BH tree was of much higher quality! Not to foget the absurdly high price tag of the cheaply made BH tree!!!

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